About Our Game

With a 4.7-star rating in the App Store, Jigsaw Puzzles provides a premium gaming experience. With a clean, visually appealing user interface, plenty of free puzzles and a compelling feature set, Jigsaw Puzzles from Bird Rock Games LLC is one to watch.       

So Many Free Puzzles

Access our entire library of puzzle art, absolutely free! Let our ever growing collection be your  personal playground. From far-off places you dream of visiting, to aww-inducing puppies you will want to cuddle with, we've got you covered.  From bright and colorful, to calm and cooling, you'll find it here.   

New Puzzle Added Daily  

A new, free puzzle is added to our collection daily, ensuring that there's always something fresh to challenge your mind and keep you entertained. With a constant stream of new puzzles, the fun never has to end! 

Use Your Own Photos 

Looking for something a little more personal? With our jigsaw puzzle app, you can transform your cherished photos and precious memories into delightful puzzles that you can play anytime, anywhere. Whether it's reliving a special moment or showcasing your creativity with artwork from your favorite generative AI tool, the possibilities are endless, adding a unique touch to your puzzle-solving experience.l     

From 4 to 1024 Pieces 

Choose puzzle piece counts ranging from a beginner-friendly 4 pieces, to a challenging 1024 pieces. With 31 piece count options for square images,  you can tailor your puzzle-solving experience to your desired level of complexity. (Available piece counts may vary depending on the size and shape of the puzzle artwork.)

More Puzzle Shapes

Jigsaw Puzzles leads the pack, with expanded puzzle shape options, allowing you to craft square, landscape, portrait, and panoramic puzzles, from your own photos.

Zoom In

Explore every detail of our high-definition puzzle artwork, when you use the zoom feature, to get up close and personal.                                 

Press Releases

Bird Rock Games LLC Unveils Exciting Enhancements in Major Update to Jigsaw Puzzles for iOS 

SAN DIEGO, March 16, 2024 – Bird Rock Games LLC, is excited to announce a major update to its flagship offering, Jigsaw Puzzles for iOS, with a host of exciting enhancements that elevate the jigsaw puzzle experience to new heights. Read More